Benefits of engaging HPAC

Having people with the right skills is the key to the success of any project. HPAC is committed to the ongoing development of its staff and accordingly maintain an ongoing training regime.

Working with the right people ensures that all projects objectives are achieved:

  • The finished project meets the design brief
  • The project considers OHS and the ongoing OHS issues with the maintenance of the building
  • The project meets budget constraints
  • The project is coordinated with all design disciplines, is accurate and is suitable for construction.

Our detailed approach allows us to meet all business and project requirements through a range of methods as outlined below. Our key is to work with our clients through all stages of the project.ject

Project Management

HPAC has built a solid reputation for delivering projects that meet the client’s needs and budget. From inception through to handover and commissioning, we have a strong commitment to working to a high standard within budget and timely completion.

Our experienced project management team has a wide variety of skills:

  • An ability to achieve all scheduled progress goals and deliverablesBe flexible to changing conditions and schedules
  • Ensuring clear and timely communication
  • Early identification of problems, deficiencies or bottlenecks – providing the safest and best solutions
  • Lead and manage the project through to completion
  • Management of a variety of trades, from architects & engineers to subcontractors &

Design and Construct

The Design and Construct approach is the most cost effective and time saving method to completing a construction project. Ensuring contractor and design accountability, we provide one point of contact from project conception to completion.

Our personalised communication methodology enables plans to be executed with maximum precision while minimising cost overruns and costly redesigns. This ensures faster overall design and construction time.

The Design and Construct (D&C) system is a contracting method that is gaining popularity. The traditional design-tender-construct process separates design and construction, where the owner contracts the architect and contractor individually. The modern D&C method provides a single point of responsibility for the entire construction project, therefore the owner only has to deal with one entity – the Design and Construct team.nstruction

Construction Management

HPAC offers a hands on approach to Construction Management (CM), ensuring the highest standard of quality while minimising durations and costs. We offer personalised CM services for clients in core markets. We bring a wide range of construction expertise to every project. Our construction managers, project managers and site management have proven experience and expertise.

Our Construction Management services include:

  • Cost control and schedule
  • Quality management
  • Safety
  • Constructability
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Construction coordination
  • Contract management
  • Materials management
  • Labour relations

Early Contractor Involvement

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) attempts to optimise risk management, risk allocation, price and control for the Principal.

Traditional construction contracts involve the Principal engaging a designer to design the works and an engineer to oversee the project. The Principal then engages a contractor to build the works, who then engages with sub-trades. A common shortfall with this contracting method is that it often leads to conflicting objectives and adversarial situations with all involved.

ECI is effectively a first cousin to the Design Construct contract model. It seeks to capitalise on the Contractor’s specialist knowledge of construction processes to the benefit of the design process.

The key difference between Design and Construct and ECI, is that ECI seeks to obtain this benefit at a much earlier stage – it is during the early stages of project planning that the greatest influence on capital costs and project outcomes can be achieved.

In other words, it is a form of collaborative contracting. ECI mandates the early involvement of the Contractor and the adoption of “best for project” attitudes by all parties right from the onset of the project.

Lump Sum/Guaranteed Maximum Price

To deliver a Lump Sum / Guaranteed Maximum Price, our team fully assesses the design works, design brief and the scope of works to ensure a detailed plan and programme is developed. Prior to submitting a price we ensure that:

  • The developed design meets the design brief
  • The developed design considers OHS in its design and the ongoing OHS issues with the maintenance of the building
  • The developed design meets the budget constraints
  • The developed design is coordinated with all other design disciplines, is accurate and is suitable for construction

By using this methodology HPAC is able to provide a fixed sum contract to our clients.

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